Story telling through mosaics...

I am Aglaia Peithi from Athens, Greece.

I have been working on mosaic since 2001, after having taken mosaic lessons in Athens, Greece and Ravenna, Italy. Lately I am fascinated and have been working on mosaic portraits. 

Working with  tesserae, gives me peace of mind and a sense of participation to the magical transformation of hard raw material into an artwork. For me this is the magic of mosaic. I simply adore marble, stone, pebbles and stained glass as raw materials.

Be my guest to explore my site and take a look at my stories through tesserae...You will find mostly wall art and portraits as well as home decoration. 

Individual Exhibitions :

DiaXronos Gallery, Tinos, Greece July 2018 

Polihoros Agyra Athens, Greece 2015

Benetatos Cultural Center Palaio Psychiko, Attica, Greece 2004 and 2008

Municipal Art Gallery of Myconos, Greece 2006 

Group Exhibitions : 

Museum of History of  Athens Univerity, Athens, Greece March-April 2019

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene, Athens, Greece, February 2019

Time of Art Gallery, Kifissia, Greece February 2019

ArtBox Poject.Basel 1.0  Basel, Switzerland June 2017

Mars Field Gallery, Athens, Greece 2010 and 2011

Argo Art Gallery 2007 Athens, Greece

You may contact me at my email :